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What is DISC training?

DISC is used widely across many industries and organisations to enhance organisational performance. DISC certification is a training workshop focusing on behavioural analysis tools that provide a framework for understanding human behaviour more profoundly. DISC training enables you to become a DISC trainer. 

DISC training is a full-day interactive workshop. The course equips you with the background knowledge and practical skills to administer profiles, debrief reports and create positive change using DISC theory in workplaces. During the workshop, we explore the four main DISC personalities in the workplace and discuss practical solutions to more productive interactions with co-workers and direct reports.

DISC training teaches you the history of DISC theory, provides background on the four primary DISC styles and enables you to interpret and debrief DISC profile reports independently. We also teach you how to use the FinxS online platform so you can manage and administer workplace assessments independently and gain additional insights.

After completing the Level One Accredited Practitioner course, you will become a certified disc practitioner, enabling you to conduct DISC workshops and introductory courses. The training provides you with a globally recognised and credible certification to host DISC workshops and introductory training. 

To become a DISC certified trainer and accredit others in DISC theory, you will need to complete the Level Three Master Training course.

Who is suited to DISC training?

DISC training is geared toward business consultants and coaches whose clients are frustrated with the challenges of workplace behaviour and its effect on productivity and the wellbeing of staff and the organisation.

DISC training is also practical for HR professionals who are concerned about improving staff culture to lower staff turnover and minimise staffing costs.

Inhouse DISC workshops are powerful for teams to promote understanding of team members' natural behavioural styles. DISC workshops create a shared understanding of each member's strengths they bring to the group and also how their behavioural types. These courses help improve communication among team members.

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How long is DISC training?

The Level One DISC Workshop is an interactive and practical full-day course.

The first section covers the background of the DISC theory and an overview of the four DISC behavioural styles. We usually allow 120 minutes for this section which includes a video introduction to each DISC style and group discussion.

After we build a solid foundation of the four primary DISC styles, we discuss the pressure points, stressors and fears of the DISC styles. This section is crucial for managers to help spot when their employees are operating under a significant amount of stress. We leave 30 minutes to cover this section.

After a lunch break, we spend the first thirty minutes of the day introducing the Extended DISC® Behavioural Assessment and some guidelines and ethics for administering DISC profiles.

A large portion of the day focuses on debriefing the Extended DISC® reports, analysing the differences between Natural and Adjusted profiles, spotting patterns in the DISC profiles and tips when debriefing reports.

The last part of the day covers statistics in the Australasian and Global populations. We discuss some leadership considerations for the range of DISC profiles and also trends observed in the population over the last 20 years.

How much does DISC training cost?


$1295 +GST

Online Certification consists of two, 3-hour sessions over video conference software. They are live collaborative sessions with our Extended DISC Training Manager.

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Public Certification

$1295 +GST

The public DISC certification is a comprehensive full-day training session. Experience the facilitation of our expert trainers and learn from other participants.

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$3000 +GST (max 10 people)

Do you have a team of people looking to become trained? It may be more beneficial for us to come to you and run an in-house session. Contact us for a quote for larger groups.

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How do I facilitate DISC training in the workplace?

Our Level One DISC Training will equip you with the knowledge and tools to create a tailored workshop that meets the requirements of your clients. After completing Level 3 DISC Training, you become a certified disc trainer and gain access to our Facilitator Packages which include a Facilitator Guide and corresponding PowerPoint. These are comprehensive packages with suggested scripts and practical exercises.

Our VIP area is also accessible to consultants once they have completed DISC Training. The VIP area includes many DISC related presentations that you can incorporate into your consulting sessions to help create your unique courses and workshops.

How do I integrate DISC into an organisation's culture?

DISC is a great tool to help your employees work effectively and productively together. It's much more than just a training event. Some organisations choose to roll out DISC team by team, starting at the management level first.

STEP ONE: The first step is to distribute invitations to employees to complete the Extended DISC® Online Questionnaire. A trained HR practitioner or consultant will often conduct an introductory DISC presentation. The introduction provides employees with the background to DISC theory and how it is useful in enhancing organisational performance.

STEP TWO: After the initial DISC training session, the HR practitioner or consultant will conduct debriefs at an individual and team level to identify strengths and challenges to performance.

STEP THREE: We highly recommend conducting additional workshops. We've created a Four Steps to Communication course that managers and consultants can facilitate to their employees to integrate their knowledge of DISC into real-world situations. These additional workshops will help improve employees' interactions with others.

STEP FOUR: We find that if we don't practice it - we forget it! Reinforcement materials help employees to remember to adjust their DISC style daily in their various interactions with their colleagues, suppliers and direct reports.

How do I become a DISC trainer?

To become a DISC trainer you need to complete our Level 1 Accredited Consultant training. Many organisations use DISC as a tool to improve interactions between employees and with various stakeholders. If you would like to manage a stronger emphasis on DISC from the classroom to the workplace, a worthwhile option is to become DISC certified.

With a Level One DISC Certification consultants and trainers can facilitate introductory courses and DISC based courses. These courses typically focus around using DISC theory to help organisations improve communication, team cohesion and leadership.

To become a DISC certified trainer you will need to complete the Level 3 Master trainer course. Our Master Training course is aimed at trainers who want to certify other trainers, managers, or coaches to improve their understanding of Extended DISC® concepts. Master Trainer status enables certain affiliates become a certified DISC trainer and conduct Accreditation Training courses. The purpose of this accreditation is for those that intend to hold regular Accreditation Training courses either in-house or as a public workshop.

HR Profiling Solutions are the only authorised partner in Australia eligible to conduct Level Three Master Training Courses.

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